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Assessment of depression and anxiety in trichodynia patients of Telogen effluvium and Alopecia areata

Authors: Atishay Bukharia and Nidhi Jain

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Trichodynia has been defined as discomfort, pain or paresthesia of the scalp related to complaint of hair loss. It is a
very common, relatively new and usually under diagnosed entity frequently related with diseases of hair loss. 300
subjects were taken for study, after taking written informed consent, including 100 cases of Telogen Effluvium,
Alopecia Areata and control each. First each group was analyzed for the presence of Trichodynia then the patients
with Trichodynia were evaluated for anxiety and depression by applying Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HAMA)
and Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D). Trichodynia was found in significantly higher in patients of
Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata when compared with control. Trichodynia was significantly higher in
Telogen Effluvium group when compared with Alopecia Areata. Anxiety was significantly higher in patients with
Telogen Effluvium with Trichodynia and Alopecia Areata with Trichodynia when compared with Telogen Effluvium
without Trichodynia and Alopecia Areata without Trichodynia respectively, while no statistically significant
difference was found in terms of depression. Trichodynia is a very common problem in patients of Telogen Effluvium
and Alopecia Areata and Anxiety is frequently associated with Trichodynia

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