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Anybody hear us? Attempting to Meet the Psychological Care Needs of Older People: an Ethnographic Approach

Authors: Seyed Zia Tabatabaei, Fatemeh Ebrahimi, Reza Rahimi and Haliza Mohd Riji

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Older people who live in residential settings need some psychological support because of vicissitudes of life they
faced with. The aim of this study is to explore psychological care needs of older people in a residential home. We
used an ethnographic approach from May 2011 till January 2012. Through purposeful sampling, 14 knowledgeable
participants were selected. Data were gathered from participant observations, in-depth interviews, review of related
documents and field notes. Thematic analysis revealed three key themes including: (a) Feelings of sadness (b)
Emotional desires and (c) Choice and control. Findings of current study provided rich and useful information that is
useful in charting new guideline for policy makers and care providers in order to support elderly residents’
psychological care needs.
Keywords: Aged, Psychological Care Needs, Qualitative Research, Residential Facilities

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