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Analyzing Test Anxiety among Medical Sciences Students of Zahedan in 2015

Authors: Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Sadegh Zare, Mahnaz Shahrakipour and Gholamreza Ghoreishinia

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Test results have an important impact on different aspects of students which follows more expectations and stresses
from parents and educational systems on students’ performances. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze
test anxiety of medical sciences students of Zahedan. Current study, which is a descriptive-analytical study, was
performed on 380 medical sciences students of Zahedan during 2015-2016. Data collecting instruments included a
two-part questionnaire, first part of which related to the demographic data, and the second one was about Pintrich
test anxiety questionnaire. Data were analyzed through SPSS 19 software, descriptive statistics, Pearson
correlation, T-test and ANOVA, and significance level was considered below than 0.05. Results showed that age
average of participants is 21.30 ± 2.60 among which 201 were women. Total average of test anxiety was 23.34 ±
5.54 which is a high score, the lowest and the highest scores were 6.00 and 35.00 respectively. Also, 288 persons
had anxiety higher than score 20 which were considered as high anxiety. There wasn’t any significant relation
between test anxiety and the age and the gender of students. Also, the relation between test anxiety and university or
place of education was not significant. the results of the current study showed that the anxiety of the most students
were high.
Key-Words: Test Anxiety, Students, Zahedan.

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