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An investigation of tenses in Persian and English translation of Al Rahman and Yasin Surah

Authors: Mehrzad Mansouri and Marzieh Afshari

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Since its emergence, Holy Quran has been discussed and researched by scholars and admirers. The present study
investigates this valuable work based on grammatical tenses. This study is conducted through an analytical descriptive
method. Using the theory of traditional grammarians, the researchers have tried to find answers to
different questions including the number of grammatical tenses used in the context of the Quran compared to the
translations of different Persian and English translators. Hence, initially the verbs were detected in these three
Surahs and then their Persian and English equivalents were found in four Persian translations as well as in four
English translations. Finally, the results of the study led to significant conclusions; including significant differences
among Persian and English translators in the use of diverse grammatical tenses. Although the ideology of translator
has a direct impact on his/ her translation, there was no significant difference in the comparison of all tenses used
by the Persian and English translators. So the comparison can be regarded as a very strong reason of Quran’s
comprehensiveness and the fact that it doesn’t belong to a specific era.

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