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An Internal Evaluation of Educational Groups in Dentistry Faculty of Tabriz Medical University Using CIPP model in 2015

Authors: Farnaz Limouei and Omid Ali Hoseinzadeh

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The present study was carried out with the purpose of internal evaluation of educational groups in dentistry faculty
of Tabriz Medical University using CIPP model. Statistical population of this descriptive- cross sectional study
consists of faculty members (n=106) and specialized assistants (n=108), conducted as whole counting.
Questionnaires in four aspects of context, input, process and product were used to collect data. Reliability
coefficient was obtained by Cronbach’s Alpha method. It was 0.886 for faculty members and 0.916 for assistants.
Descriptive statistical methods were used for data analysis. In the context aspect, it was assessed fairly favorable
and favorable by professors and assistants, respectively, for Endodontics, dental Prosthodontics, Pathology and
Pediatric dentistry groups; it was evaluated fairly favorable for the other groups according to both perspectives.
Professors of Periodontics group evaluated the input aspect fairly favorable and the assistants evaluated it
favorable; Radiology professors assessed the input favorable and assistants recognized it fairly favorable and in
other groups, professors and assistants assessed the input aspect fairly favorable. The process aspect was evaluated
fairly favorable in Orthodontics, Pediatric and Radiology groups, favorable in Pathology group, and fairly
favorable according to the professors and favorable according to the assistants in other groups. The product aspect
was favorable in operative and Pathology groups from professors’ viewpoints and fairly favorable according to the
assistants’ opinions.

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