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An evaluation of factors associated with Behavioral-internalized and Behavioral-Externalized disorders among street children in the capital city of Iran in 1394

Authors: NazaninSavari and MinooMotaghi

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Introduction: The problem of street children is one of the social problems as it has attracted the attention of many
experts in social issues. This research examines the factors associated with street children’s Behavioral-internalized
and Behavioral-Externalized disorders in the capital city of Iran in 1394. Methods: The present study is descriptive
and analytical and it is a cross-sectional study in 1394 in terms of time. The study population included all street
children under 18 years in region 1,4,13 and 22 in Tehran. The research sample included 200 street children
selected by convenience sampling and the data were collected through questionnaires and Achenbach’s Child
Behavior Checklist (CBCL) version parents and standardized questionnaire and each quantitative variable was
analyzed by Fisher’s exact test pattern while descriptive data. Results: The results showed that the ratio of
internalized disorders in children who lived with his mother and the ratio of externalized disorders in children who
lived with the families of more than four people, they are more than children with families significantly less
populated (0.05> p). Also, general behavioral disorders in children lived only with their mother, it is significantly
more than other children (0.05> p) but in other cases, there was no significant relationship between general
behavioral disorders and individual characteristics in children sample (0.05 <p). Conclusion: The results showed
that there is a significant relationship between behavioral-internalized and behavioral-externalized disorders
among street children and general behavioral disorders among street children.

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