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An Analysis of Grammatical Tense in Persian and English Translations of Surah Yusuf

Authors: Mehrzad Mansouri and Marzieh Afshari

Int J Med Res Health Sci.165-169 | pdf PDF Full Text

One of the interesting aspects of language studies is grammatical tense. In Iran, traditional grammarians have often
classified tense into past, present, and future. Today, linguists have challenged such classifications by suggesting
new ideas. In this regard, the present study, by using a descriptive-analytic method, and based on traditional models
of tense, compares tense in the English and Persian translations of Surah Yusuf (from Holy Quran). Having
identified the verbs in the text of Surah Yusuf (Joseph), the study analyzes their tense, and then compares the four
Persian and English translations. The study reveals significant findings including the ideology of the translator,
number of each subcategory of tense and their relationships with the text of Quran.

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