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An analysis of anthropometric data on Iranian primary school Student: A Review

Authors: Abdolreza Gilavand

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Physical factors and health and safety issues and training are the most effective and most fundamental natural
growth factor in terms of physical, mental and educational development in students. This study was designed to
obtain anthropometric dimensions of Iranian primary school student. We searched international databases such as
Thomson Reuters, PubMed, Scopus, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, and Iranian databases such as SID, Magiran,
Iranmedex using a searching strategy during 2000 to 2016 years. Database without language restriction, since 2000
sources, with the MeSH term “Anthropometric data” AND “Iranian primary school children”. At first, in the initial
search,115 articles were found, and finally, 22 of them which were related to the subject of this research were used.
This study showed significant differences in a set of anthropometric dimensions with regard to gender, age and
ethnicity.Alsothis study indicates that there is a significant difference between the minimum and maximum
acceptable dimensions and those of the available furniture (p < 0.05).According to the results of this study,
difference between genders and among different ethnicities should be taken into account by designers and
manufacturers of school furniture. In many schools, there is not proportion between students’ anthropometric
dimensions and the dimensions of existing tables and benches. Thus, it is suggested that required efforts are done to
design educational furniture such as table and bench for various grades of elementary level in every region
according to the existing anthropometric dimensions database.
Keywords: Anthropometric data, Iranian primary school, Student

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