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Alterations of Plasma Hepcidin, Homocysteine and Malondialdehyde in Vaccinated (S19 and RB 51Vaccines) and Experimentally-Induced Brucellosis by Brucella mellitensis and Brucella abortusin Rat

Authors: Khadijeh Sharafkhani and Kaveh Azimzadeh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.17-21 | pdf PDF Full Text

In present study, we aimed to evaluate whether some plasma parameters are altered after
intraperitoneal(i.p)injection of brucellosis vaccines and two types of Brucella species (Brucella mellitensis and
Brucella abortus) in rat. Brucellosis is known to be as the common zoonotic disease. For this purpose, thirty male
rats were assigned into five groups and Brucella mellitensis, Brucella abortusalong with RB 51 and S19 vaccines
were injected (i.p) to four groups and control ones received distilled water. After three months, plasma
malondialdehyde (MDA), hepcidin (Hep) and homocysteine (Hcy) were measured in infected and vaccines-injected
cases. The results indicate increase of MDA, Hep and Hcyin infected group rather than control ones (p≤0.01). In
respect of vaccines-injected group, increase of Hepalong with no significant changes in others were revealed rather
than control ones (p≤0.01).In conclusion, the altered plasma parameters demonstrated the impact of Brucella
species and those vaccines upon these parameters in rat and it seems more investigation needs to detect the possible
biochemical marker among them.
Keywords: Plasma parameters, Brucellosis, Vaccines, rat

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