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A Survey on Efficacy of group logotherapy on loneliness and anxiety of death in elderly people

Authors: Araghian Shima and Toozandehjani Hassan

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The current study is a quasi-test study to evaluate the effectiveness of logotherapy in group method on loneliness and
anxiety of death among elderly people. The population of the study included all seniors 65 years old and older living in
sanitarium in Mashhad. The sample consisted of 20 elderly men and women living in sanitarium in Mashhad on 2013-
2014 which were selected from above population in an available and voluntarily sampling way and then were randomly
assigned to two groups.[1]The instruments consisted revised loneliness scale [1] and Death Anxiety Scale [2]. The
analysis of covariance was used for Data analyzing. The results showed that there is a meaningful difference between test
and control groups on the scale of loneliness and anxiety of death (p<0.05)
Keywords: Logotherapy, loneliness, anxiety of death

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