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A study on autonomic efficiency in diabetic females of more than ten years duration


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Ekambaramnanadesigan, BC Vastrad, Nafees, Anand P , Gnanagurudasan, Balumahendran
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(2):194-199 | 

Background: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder affecting various organs of the body. In many patients with diabetes mellitus, diabetes related complications may be present by the time it is clinically diagnosed. One such diabetic complication which remains subclinical is diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Aim: The present investigation aims at assessing the autonomic nervous system efficiency in females with type 2 diabetes mellitus of more than 10 years duration in rural areas of Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Methods: Autonomic nervous system efficiency was assessed by using three parasympathetic functions to test namely heart rate response to deep breathing, standing from a lying position, Valsalva maneuver. And two sympathetic function test namely blood pressure response to standing from a lying position, and sustained handgrip. Results: It was observed that there is a statistically significant decrease in parasympathetic activity and increase in sympathetic activity in type 2 diabetic females.Conclusion: We found that the females suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus for more than 10 years duration exhibit autonomic dysfunctions in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

 Keywords: Autonomic function test, Autonomic Nervous System, Diabetes mellitus.


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