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A Study of Systemic Hypertension with Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Authors: Abhishek Singhai, Divyansh Gupta and Divyansh Gupta

Int J Med Res Health Sci.198-199 | pdf PDF Full Text

Thyroid dysfunction, both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, may increase the risk of hypertension. However, it
is still controversial whether mild thyroid dysfunction, such as subclinical hypothyroidism, affects blood pressure.
Aim of this study was to explore relationship of hypertension with different levels of thyroid stimulating hormone in
subjects with subclinical hypothyroidism and euthyroidism. This cross sectional study was conducted at Department
of General Medicine of a tertiary care centre over one year. A total of 500 newly diagnosed hypertensive subjects
were evaluated for demographic characteristics, body mass index, smoking habits, serum TSH, and free T4. Subjects
were further divided into various groups depending on TSH levels. Statistical software, SPSS version 17.0 was used
for analysis. In the present study, Systolic BP and diastolic BP was higher in subclinical hypothyroidism subjects
than that of the euthyroid group (P<0.05 for both). From this study, we can conclude that subclinical hypothyroid
subjects have more tendencies to develop hypertension than euthyroid subjects. Therefore subclinical hypothyroid
subjects should be regularly screened for hypertension.

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