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A Study of Families’ Experiences of Putting Their Elders in Nursing Homes

Authors: FarahnazChirehHafshjani and Heidar Ali Abedi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.209-214 | pdf PDF Full Text

One of the major challenges facing society today is increasing proportion of its elderly population. Nowadays,
elderliness along with its all psychological, socio-cultural, ideological and economic aspects have become a serious
and challenging issue affecting families in developing and developed countries. Thus, the current study aimed to
examine families’ experiences of putting their elders in nursing homes. A phenomenological research method was
employed to pursue this qualitative study. The samples of the study were selected through purposive sampling
method; and data collection proceeded until it reached to the data saturation within 10 participants. The
instruments adopted by the researcher include note-taking and in-depth and unstructured interviews with the
families of the elderly who put their elders in nursing homes. The obtained data were analyzed using Colaizzi’s
seven-step process of analysis. The four general themes derived include isolation, peace, abusiveness, children’s
inability to look after their elders and guilty conscience; each of which contained some sub-themes. According to the
results, it is essential to take the social, economic and health support of the elderly into consideration and to provide
the necessary context for improving the life quality of the elderly residing in nursing homes through formulating,
planning and making appropriate policies.

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