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A retrospective study of prescription pattern of antimicrobials in an urban health centre run by a medical college


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Bala Sharmin S, Chincholkar Aparna S, Wagh Ranjit J, Mutalik Madhav M.
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014;3(1):88-91 |  DOI:10.5958/j.2319-5886.3.1.018


Background: Antimicrobials are widely prescribed agents in clinical practice. Overuse of antimicrobials has led to emergence of drug resistance. Aims: The present study was aimed at knowing the choice of antimicrobial prescribing and to understand the rationality of antimicrobial usage. Materials and Methods: A retrospective prescription audit was done of all 655 prescriptions issued between 01/01/2012 and 31/12/2012 at the outpatient department of Urban Health Centre attached to a medical college. Demographic information, diagnosis, and medication details (dose, duration, frequency) were recorded and analyzed, and data was expressed as percentages. Results: Of the total number of prescriptions, 46% prescriptions were containing at least one or more than one antimicrobial agent. Average number of antimicrobials prescribed per prescription was 1.35. Cotrimoxazole was the most common antimicrobial agent prescribed. Of the total 307 items of prescribed antimicrobials, 57% were prescribed by proprietary name and 43% by nonproprietary name. Out of the antimicrobial items prescribed, 44% were available at the pharmacy of the Urban Health Centre. Fifty eight percent of antimicrobials prescribed were from WHO Essential Drug List. Conclusion: Among the various antimicrobials prescribed at the Urban Health Centre, cotrimoxazole was found to be the most commonly prescribed antimicrobial agent in the year 2012. More than half of the antimicrobials were prescribed by proprietary name. Less than half of the antimicrobials prescribed were available at the Urban Health Centre. Majority of the antimicrobials prescribed were from the WHO Essential Drug List.

Keywords: Prescription pattern, Antimicrobials, retrospective study, Cotrimoxazole


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