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A rare shoulder disease of primary synovial chondromatosis


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

h6>Authors: Shafiq Syed

Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(3):666- 668 |  | DOI:10.5958/j.2319-5886.2.3.051


Primary synovial chondromatosis is a rare, benign condition which affects the synovial membranes. It commonly involves knee, elbow and hip in young adults but is rare in shoulder. We reviewed a rare case of synovial chondromatosis of the shoulder. A young female came to our hospital with pain and swelling at right shoulder joint. Radiograph, ultrasound and MRI with contrast were obtained.  It helped to make a diagnosis of synovial chondromatosis. The shoulder was operated and multiple oval loose bodies measuring up to 8 mm were removed. Partial synovectomy was done.

 Keywords: Synovial chondromatosis, Shoulder

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