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A rare case of Mounier-Kuhn syndrome with bronchial asthma

Authors: Joshi Tanay, Songara Ashwin, Vyas Shibani, Chouhan Bhupendra, Gurudutta Ekjot and Chandelkar Arun

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Tracheobronchomegaly(Mounier–Kuhn syndrome) is dilatation of the trachea and major bronchi because of
atrophy or absence of elastic fibers and smooth muscle cells .Patients presenting to primary care physician with
lower respiratory tract symptoms like dyspnoea and wheezing are often diagnosed with COPD or asthma and
started on treatment. There are uncommon conditions like Mounier-Kuhn syndrome (MKS) that can present with
similar symptoms and it is important for the primary care physician to keep them in mind when evaluating the
patients. It is important to identify MKS, as early recognition can lead to better management and prevention of
complications. Very few cases of MKS with Bronchial Asthma have been reported so far. We present a case of 65
year old male who presented with intermittent episodes of cough with productive sputum ,wheezing and breathing
difficulty since last 35 years and was treated for Bronchial Asthma since last 25 years. He was later diagnosed with
Mounier–Kuhn syndrome with Bronchial Asthma by clinical history supported by Radiological evidences.
Keywords: Mounier-Kuhn syndrome (MKS); Elastic fibers ;Tracheobronchomegaly ; Bronchial Asthma

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