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A rare case of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Author: Anita Harry, Nirankumar Samuel, Vigil TD
Int J Med Res Health Sci.2014;3(2):500-502 |  DOI:10.5958/j.2319-5886.3.2.107


Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumours are tumours of ectomesenchymal origin often originating from major nerves or their nerve sheaths, they are commonly found in patients with neurofibromatosis-1 though sporadic cases have been reported. We report a rare sporadic case of MPNST in a 20 year old patient arising from the spinal accessory nerve.

Keywords: Peripheral nerve sheath tumour, malignant, neurofibromatosis.


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