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A Prospective Study of comparison Pap’s Smear, Vili’s Test and Colposcopy In cervical cancer screening

Authors: Yagnik Ami S. and Rashmi Singh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.50-57 | pdf PDF Full Text

To determine the efficacy of pap`s smear and VILLI as screening tool in tertiary care centre. To screen sexually active women for detection of early neoplastic lesion of the cervix using VILI, Pap smear and Colposcopy if required.
1. To find out whether Pap smear and VILI is a simple, cost effective easy and reliable procedure to screen women for precancerous lesion and early cancer of cervix.
2. To determine the efficacy of VILI in picking up preinvasive and invasive cervical lesion.

It is a prospective study design in which each screening test was carried out independently (without knowledge of the results of the alternative test) in all selected women randomly without knowledge of the results. In this study, 1500 women were included. 10 women lost to follow up. All 1490 patients were studied in detail, pap smear, vili and colposcopy done. Then biopsy was taken in all patients and the non invasive methods were compared with biopsy results. Sensitivity, specificity of the tests was compared. Cytology has not been found to be a very effective screening programme. So there is a need to investigate alternative strategies which are more practical, feasible, effective, can be done by paramedical personnel and whose results are immediately. Pap`s smear is subjective test, slides can be mislabeled or lost. As compared to Pap smear, VILI is more sensitive. Specificity is high, this objective test with good evidence and of low cost.

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