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A cross sectional study of the morbidity pattern among the elderly people South India


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Piramanayagam A, Bayapareddy N, Pallavi M, Madhavi E, Nagarjuna reddy N, Radhakrishna L
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(3):372- 379 |   


Background: In 1950, just 8% of the world population was aged 60 years or over, by 2005 that proportion had risen to 10% and it is expected to be more than double over the next 45 years, reaching 22% by 2050. Evaluation of the morbidity profile will have implications for providing health care for the elderly population and its costs. Aim: To find out the morbidity pattern among geriatric population. Methodology: A community based cross sectional study conducted during the period of December 2011 to June 2012. In the first stage twenty two villages were selected, in a second stage by simple random sampling method twenty seven elderly persons who were aged 60 years and above willing to participate were selected, from each of the selected village a total of 594 were included. Data was analyzed by SPSS Version 12 Statistical Software. Results: Out of the 594 elderly persons, 309 (52.1%) were males and 285 (47.9%) were females; 498 (83.9%) were affected by one or more diseases. Prevalence of morbidity among elderly males and females was 240 (77.6%) and 258 (90.9%) respectively. Most prevalent diseases were related to ocular 422 (71%) followed by cardiovascular 291 (49%). Respiratory system disorders were present in 77 (12.9%) elderly.  Conclusions: Current  status  of the elderly in  India introduce to a new set of medical, socio-cultural, and economic problems that would arise if a timely initiative has not been taken in this direction by the policy makers; hence this data will enhance understanding of the health  status  of  the  elderly  and morbidity  pattern and it  will  help to prepare appropriate intervention strategies.

Keywords: Geriatrics, chronic morbidity, acute morbidity.

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