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A Comparison between Anxiety and Self-esteem amongst High School Freshman Students(Male and Female) with Amblyopia in Gachsaran in 2015

Authors: Seyed Mohammad Karim Afzali and Maryam Yavari Kermani

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The present research intends to investigate and compare the relationship between anxiety and self-esteem amongst high school freshman students (male and female) with Amblyopia in Gachsaran city. To this end, all the male and female freshman students (1 st Grade) in high school suffering from Amblyopia in Gachsaran participated in the study as the research statistical population among which 80 students, including 40 girls and 40 boys, were selected based on Simple Random Sampling Method. Materials and tools used in this research included Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), Cooper-smith Self-esteem Inventory (CSEI) and Snellen chart. In order to analyze results obtained from the present research, t-student test and correlation coefficient were used to investigate the relationship between the variables. Accordingly, the results indicated that: there is a statistically significant relationship between anxiety and self-esteem in students with Amblyopia (P˂0.000). Statistically significant difference in anxiety between male and female students with Amblyopia (P˂0.05) was observed. The results also showed that there is no any statistically significant difference in self-esteem between male and female students with Amblyopia (P˂0.66).

Keywords: Anxiety; Self-esteem; Amblyopia; Students

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